Ridiculous and Selfish Ideas

I remember being in 6th grade…and my teacher (whose identify I will protect), Ms. T, was going off about the importance of preserving the Earth for future generations.

I was rather tired and yawned rather audibly…it’s wasn’t particularly thrilling.

She looks at me and says, “Michael…that was incredibly RUDE!.”  

I responded…”I’m sorry I was tired…I had to yawn.”

My 6th Grade Photo…Sept 2001

She told me it was important to cover my mouth when yawning. “Ok”, I said…”I’ll be sure to always cover my mouth when yawning in the future Ms. T.”

She then started asking the class what things we could do to preserve the Earth.  And as you would imagine the responses were uninspired, like kids reciting their ABCs.

  1. Recycle!
  2. Compost!
  3. Stop driving
  4. Don’t use hairspray

I sat there in a catatonic state. This wasn’t the first time I had heard about the importance of recycling. Then everyone started yawning..and I covered my mouth to avoid future wrath.

I was getting awfully sick of hearing the same rehearsed responses. So I waited till my yawn was over to throw my hand up…

Then I told Ms. T…”Why don’t we send all the garbage to space?”

Ms. T glared at me. “Excuse me Michael…but that is completely RIDICULOUS…we couldn’t possibly send all the garbage in the world to space.”

I then replied…”Why not?”

Disposal Program if I was President

She said, “I’m not going to explain why…but that is a very INAPPROPRIATE answer….and very off topic.”

“Ok…well then why do I need to be FORCED to recycle”

“So you don’t care about about your grand kids?”

“I won’t have kids…I’ll be single my whole life.”

“Oh so you don’t care about anyone else’s children.”

“Not particularly.”

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