Paul Newman once said, “If you don’t have any enemies, you don’t have any character?”

Who is Paul Newman? He was an actor, race car driver, and owner of a spaghetti sauce company.

What does that mean?

Does that mean if you want character, you need to walk up to every person you meet and throw spaghetti sauce in their face?


It means if you want character, you’ll have to walk up to every person you meet and say, “I love anchovy spaghetti sauce, and I think NASCAR is the greatest sport on Earth.”

Or in other words, it means if you want character, you’ll open yourself to criticism, you’ll make yourself vulnerable, you’ll stick up for what you believe in. Or in my case you’ll grow a mustache.

And when people tell you, “I hate anchovy spaghetti sauce, NASCAR, and YOUR MUSTACHE”, you’ll simply smile and say, “I love anchovy spaghetti sauce, NASCAR, my mustache, and you.”

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“I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like my mustache. That’s OK, I own a fucking spaghetti sauce company. What do you do? Oh that’s right you eat my spaghetti sauce.” – Paul Newman, 1983

I recently canceled my internet subscription. I didn’t want it anymore. I felt like the internet was constantly competing for my time, and the vast majority of it is garbage anyway. I also felt that I needed to seek validation through my various forms of social media. People 20 years ago didn’t need that, so why in the hell do we?

Then I had this radical thought. What if I simply just canceled my internet, and just used it when I needed it, at like a coffee shop? What would happen? What if I treated the internet like a utility instead of some form of escapism. Just a place where I did my online banking and sent the occasional email and written blog content. That was 2 months ago. 2 months in, here’s the results folks.


Yep, this indeed is a picture of me holding my $79.99 Dr. Moody hand puppet out the window of my apartment during the 2nd Annual Women’s March in Downtown Seattle.  I’m trying to go for that Jim Henson look…if he looked like a pedophile.

My friend Chris snapped these photos. I actually got a couple of people to stop on the street and wave back at Dr. Moody from below. People loved Dr. Moody. I also blew kisses to some folks with the puppet. It was awesome to brighten people’s day with this ridiculous toy.  I think I’ll keep it up for all future parades in Seattle.


Here’s an obligatory hiking photo too from earlier that day on Rattlesnake Ledge. Quite frosty. Mustache is also staying, sorry haters.

3 months without the bottle too. Feels good.

Every time someone says they hate it, it just grows longer.