The Irrationals

What if there was a subculture of society, called the Irrationals. They adopted a lifestyle that was based on as much freewill as possible. Their belief system was that free will was dying due to the part of AI, machine learning, and data driven technologies. They felt their freedom was being taken away slowly, everyday.

As their freewill was slowly being taken away, people became slaves to technology. The only way to stop it, would be to disconnect entirely.

The irrationals way to combat the machine learning models and algorithmic driven lifestyle would be to do irrational things. Things that the model could not anticipate.

But the irony is that with every input the Irrationals make, the model could track more information on them.

Eventually the Irrationals would be caught. It would be a tragic story. I’d love to tell this story. Here’s my plot idea, or premise.


The movie would be called, the Irrationals, of course. It would feature a group of friends who go on mission to completely delete all citizens personal data. To stay undercover, they would employ the use of archaic technologies, relying on analog products to send and receive messages.

There would be some sort of wizard or sage like figure who owns an antique shop full of analog goods that aren’t attached to the internet. Things like DVD players, CD players, Walkman, and CRT monitors. This figure would supply the irrationals with the technology they would need to not be tracked. They would use handled radios to communicate with each other, and carrier pigeons.

The Irrationals would be scrappy. They would also make mistakes often. They would know how to do things by hand that other people in society could not understand. They would use gestures and symbols that were foreign.

Great example would be the sage or wizard character. He uses greetings that pre-date the internet. He shakes hands, he keeps eye contact. He has in some way preserved the culture that has died. His behavior is strange to people. But to the audience, he is the most relatable and down to earth character.

I think it would be interesting, if the story was told through the perspective of the wizard character, but done as a Hero’s Journey. Imagine if Star Wars was done through the perspective of Obi Wan.

The Obi-Wan character, sitting on the planet as he watches the moon blow up with all the data servers. It causes the Earth to spin entirely out of control, at the expense of everyone’s data being deleted. People live with freewill for a time before the Earth get’s cold and dark and spins uncontrollably out into space. It’s a price they pay for a bit of freedom. Would you sacrifice the human race just for a moment, just to be free for sometime?

Now, what would be cool is if Earth was spinning out of control. Into the vastness of space, and people didn’t know why. That’s how the film starts. It’s cold as hell. Sub-zero temperatures. Only a few people alive, and they uncover some cassette tape buried.

Let me spin on this one for a bit.





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