This blog isn’t supposed to be perfect.  That’s not the point. The point is the ability to get ones thoughts out on paper in a cathartic manner and to the flex the writing muscle.  The more someone writes, the better they get at it. It’s just like lifting weights; no one will be able to lift heavy or perfectly the first time.  You are learning what you can take on, but if you keep working at it, if you keep pushing, it will become second nature.  To the point where you won’t have to think about it too much.

For too long in my life I’ve focused on making things perfect.  And because I can’t achieve perfection, I give up.  So many projects, dreams and aspirations.. I’ve just given up on because it won’t be perfect.

But nothing ever is or ever will be perfect. You can’t strive for perfection in everything.  The world is not binary.  It’s not about 1s and 0s or right and wrong.  The answer is always somewhere in between, because if perfection existed in literature or writing, than the world’s best novel would have already been written.  There would be no need to write anything new.