Why doesn’t anyone understand me?

How often have you heard the above phrase or thought it yourself?  If you’re like me…many times. Why?

Because reality is perceived differently by everyone. It’s almost as if we are all wearing different glasses. Some of us might be born with rose tinted goggles, where all we see is the good in the world and are able to look past the bad. Like my Aunt.

Seoul Tower…May 2016

Or perhaps you are the kind of person who was born with black and white glasses, where you are only able to see the extremes of a situation and where nothing exists in between. Ahem…my Pops.

Or maybe your glasses are like the eyes of an eagle, perceptive, with the ability to see far into the future clear as day and possess great judgement. Like my college roommate Brad (currently pursuing his PhD in Physics).

Or maybe your glasses are like Kaleidoscope lenses and you’re constantly under the influence of psychedelic drugs.  Like Jimi Hendrix.

I was more or less born with a set of glasses that made reality look like a fun-house mirror, an exaggeration of life. A term my closest friends and family coined, Valeri-ality. Clever.

So why is reality perceived differently by others?  Because perspective is influenced by experiences and genetics. So if we want to answer the burning question above of, “why doesn’t anyone understand me”…we need can start by sharing our life’s experiences with others.

The motivation for me is to start a blog about the folks I have met and the experiences I have had.

I regret nothing, because without those experiences I would have a vanilla perspective…a vanilla reality. I prefer, Valeriality.

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